need for speed the run pc

need for speed the run pc
After cleverly revived series Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit by EA is back twelve months later with The Run, which fits his step. If the opposition is less with the police in front this album, the underground racing are still on the agenda ...
Need for Speed: The Run

Need for Speed: The Run offers the player to play as Jack Rourke a U.S. citizen, who, to escape a fate of eternal fugitive, agree to participate in a wild ride sweeping the United States from west to east. We also let you discover the ins and outs of the situation by yourself quite well agreed that the scenario ultimately has very little importance! The principle is more original when entering the test beyond the 200th position and exceed the other contenders one by one, between San Francisco and New York. The architecture of the "run" is singular while remaining in the codes of the genre since found checkpoint races, duels, chases with the police, ski fantastic in short, everything that the charm of an NFS properly.

need for speed the run

need for speed the run

need for speed the run
need for speed the run

-Nom du jeu:Need For Speed The Run
-Langue(s):Français Anglais Espagnol Italien Allemend
-Sortie le:18-12-2011


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